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Pacific crest trail, Section b segment 2 - may 30-june 1, 2024

this was my second segment of california's section b of the pacific crest trail.  section B starts in warner springs, ca (109.5) and traverses north for 100 miles to cabazon, CA (209.5) at i-10.  it had been almost exactly 2 years since i had completed the first 42 miles of this section (delay due to excessive snow the previous year), and my goal was to complete the remaining 58 miles during this planned 4-day hike.  Unfortunately, i was only able to complete a little over 30 miles due to brutal hiking conditions (lack of water refilling sources, thorny vegetation virtually making the trail invisible in spots, and dozens of large downed trees directly over the trail [many with trunk diameters in the range of 3-4 feet requiring backpack removal and crawling under the trees]).  these conditions made it necessary for me to tap out just above idyllwild on the third day. Once I dropped down into Idyllwild, via devils slide trail, i had completed 6,358' of ascent and 4,684' of descent.  once again, i got to experience some amazing views during the hike and, Never say never, but I am not interested in hiking any more of the pct after this experience.

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