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Pacific crest trail, Section b segment 1 - may 19-22, 2022

this was my first segment of california's section b of the pacific crest trail.  section B starts in warner springs, ca (109.5) and traverses north for 100 miles to cabazon, CA (209.5) at i-10.  my original goal was to complete all of section b in one 7-day, 6-night hike.  However, at a little over 42 miles into the hike (day 3 at paradise valley cafe), blisters on my feet made it necessary to tap out. At that point, i had completed 5,126' of ascent and 4,067' of descent.  The temperature on the first day of the hike was 95 degrees and my feet got overheated.  the next morning, it was foggy and in the low 40s, but that obviously didn't alleviate the problem. nevertheless, i learned a lot, encountered my first rattlesnake, met some more amazing PCT thru-hikers, and had a fantastic meal at the paradise valley cafe.  i will complete the remainder of section b in the not too distant future.

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