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Pacific crest trail, Section a segment 5 - november 4, 2021

This was my fifth segment of california's section a of the pacific crest trail.  section a starts in campo, ca (on the mexican border) and traverses north for 109.5 miles to warner springs, CA.  my goal was to complete Section a in a series of 14 day hikes.  This fifth segment (from boulder oaks campground to cibetts flat) WAS 6.6 miles (one way) AND 13.1 miles ROUND TRIP with about 1,500 feet of ascent.  I completed the hike in 4 hours 13 minutes. At this point, i had completed the first 32.6 miles of Section a (in 65 miles of hiking).  it was great to be back on the PCT after a long, hot summer.

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