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Pacific crest trail, Section a segment 8 - december 16, 2021

This was my eighth segment of california's section a of the pacific crest trail.  section a starts in campo, ca (on the mexican border) and traverses north for 109.5 miles to warner springs, CA.  my goal was to complete Section a in a series of 14 day hikes.  This eighth segment (from the storm canyon overlook [near mount laguna campground] to the pioneer mail picnic area) WAS 5.1 miles (one way) AND 10.3 miles ROUND TRIP with about 825 feet of ascent.  I completed the hike in 3 hours 20 minutes. At this point, i had completed the first 52.6 miles of Section a (in 108.4 miles of hiking).  It was a brisk 45 degree day with some snow on portions of the trail (from a cold pacific storm two days earlier) but still a beautiful hike with stunning views of garnet mountain (a potential future hike), several canyons, and the anza borrego desert.

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